Response Codes - Payment Processing

If you’re a partner, for example with a gateway that you want to integrate with our acquiring platform, the following codes can help you to understand why and how a payment has failed. Each response code has one of the following prefixes: 

V is a validation error (for example, invalid card number) 
D is a declined transaction 
R is a referral (to be treated as a declined transaction) 
B is a blocked transaction 
C is a cancelled transaction (for example, a user selected Cancel on a payment page) 
S is a system error 

The prefix is followed by three digits, for example x01. The first digit, for example the x, is for internal use only. The next two digits, for example the 01, provide more details about the response. The following list presents the code and the message for each response. 

Code - Description

Vx01 - Invalid merchant details

Vx02 - Invalid expiry date

Vx03 - Invalid start date

Vx04 - Invalid issue number

Vx05 - Invalid CVV

Vx06 - Invalid card number

Vx07 - Card holder name not set

Vx08 - Insufficient address details

Vx09 - Invalid country code

Vx10 - Invalid cart ID

Vx11 - Invalid email address

Vx12 - Invalid phone number

Vx13 - Invalid amount

Vx14 - Invalid currency code

Vx15 - Invalid customer IP

Vx16 - Original trans not found

Vx17 - Invalid merchant IP

Vx18 - Unknown transaction type

Vx19 - Card number changed

Vx20 - Currency changed

Vx21 - Original trans ref required

Vx22 - Amount exceeds original

Vx23 - Cannot refund this type of transaction

Vx24 - Amount changed

Vx25 - User account details required

Vx26 - Invalid request

Vx27 - Original trans not pre-auth

Vx28 - Transaction mode changed

Vx29 - Card/Currency combination not supported

Vx30 - Unknown card type

Vx31 - Issue number required

Vx32 - Issue number not required

Vx33 - Duplicate transaction

Vx34 - Unable to void transaction

Vx35 - Original trans was not authorised

Vx36 - Invalid PIN

Vx37 - Unknown transaction class

Vx38 - Original transaction type does not match

Vx39 - Card expired

Vx40 - CVV Required

Vx41 - Original transaction already settled

Vx42 - Original transaction already cancelled

Vx43 - This card does not support the required transaction type

Vx44 - Transaction details do not match original

Vx52 - 3DS Not Enabled

Vx53 - 3DS Data Invalid

Vx54 - Concurrent authorisations

Vx55 -Invalid Funds Recipient Date (MCC 6012, 6051 or 7299 Merchants)

Vx56 - Terminal mismatch

Vx57 - Transaction not allowed on this card

Vx58 - Original transaction requires 3DS attempt/auth

Vx59 - ECOM transactions require 3DS attempt/auth

Vx60 - Verify for Amex card not supported

Vx61 - Recurrence Flag usage invalid

Vx62 - Initial Sale/Verify ARN missing for subsequent sale

Vx63 - Initial Sale/Verify for subsequent sale not approved

Vx64 - Initial transaction on card expired

Dx01 - Non-specific decline

Dx02 - Declined due to funds (insufficient/limit exceeded)

Dx03 - Retain card response

Dx05 - On our blacklist

Dx07 - Live/test mismatch

Dx08 - Refund: Insufficient merchant funds in account

Dx10 - Card authorisation attempt limit reached

Dx11 - Monthly Scheme Decline Rate limit reached

Dx40 - Continuous Authority cancelled for the transaction

Dx41 - Continuous Authorities cancelled for the merchant

Dx43 - Continuous Authorities cancelled for the card

Dx44 - Function not supported

Dx45 - Incorrect CVV

Dx46 - Incorrect Start Date

Dx47 - Card Number Changed

Dx48 - Invalid Currency Code

Dx90 - Pre-authorisation anti-fraud block

Dx91 - Post-authorisation anti-fraud block

Rx01 - Referral

Ex01 - Transaction error

Cx01 - Transaction cancelled

Cx02 - Transaction expired

Sx00 - Invalid transaction request

Sx01 - Connection failure

Sx02 - Invalid response

Sx03 - Response timeout

Sx04 - Server error

Sx05 - Server error

Sx06 - No response from issuer

Sx07 - Service not available

Sx99 - Unknown Error