Refunds - Online Payments

Occasionally it might be necessary to refund a payment, for example if a shopper returns an item. You can make a refund via Cashflows Go. For information, refer to the Cashflows Go Guide. Alternatively, you can use an API call to the Cashflows Gateway.

How to refund a payment

To refund a payment, you need the paymentJobReference and paymentReference of the payment job that was used to make the original payment.

Note: A payment job can include multiple payments. However, you cannot refund in one call more than the amount that was paid using the payment method that is specified in the payment job that the paymentReference refers to.

Example request
POST https://gateway-int.cashflows.com/api/gateway/payment-jobs/{paymentJobReference}/payments/{paymentReference}/refunds

{"amountToRefund": "10.00", "refundNumber" : "Your refund reference"}

Example response



    "data": {

        "reference": "210123000142606340",

        "createDateTimeUtc": "2021-01-14T15:21:56.9346867Z",

        "refundNumber": "Your refund reference",

        "status": "Completed",

        "amountToRefund": "10.00",

        "steps": [


                "reference": "210123100142606340",

                "createDateTimeUtc": "2021-01-14T15:21:57.6097637Z",

                "action": "Start",

                "status": "Completed",

                "resultAttributes": {}



        "attributes": {

            "cashFlowsAcquiringDetails": "{\"ThreeDSecureVersion\":\"1.0.2\",\"ThreeDSecureVersionReason\":\"3-D Secure v2 not enabled for this merchant.\",\"AuthenticationStatus\":\"Y\",\"Xid\":\"l7TnAA8FZXc4eYiMEvUE1CauPul=\",\"Cavv\":\"jqvNMAuNmkZJdA878z9A7PsPvTR=\",\"Eci\":\"05\",\"AuthCode\":\"116\",\"Arn\":\"\",\"Message\":\"Authorised\",\"Status\":\"Successful\",\"IssuerResponseCode\":\"\",\"CvvAvsResult\":\"222\",\"AcquirerResponseCode\":\"A\",\"TruncatedCardNumber\":\"400000******0002\"}",

            "paymentMethodTransactionId": "01R00D76D2C"