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Sending us a Chip and PIN payment request to authorise 

The payment process for a Chip and PIN transaction involves the following stages:

1.      When a shopper is ready to pay, they enter their card into the payment terminal.

2.      When prompted, the shopper enters their PIN into the terminal.

3.      The terminal connects to Cashflows.

4.      The terminal sends the card details, via a secure connection, to Cashflows.

5.      We pass the transaction details to the relevant card scheme, for example Visa or Mastercard.

6.      The relevant scheme validates the transaction and sends a response back to us at Cashflows.

7.      We send the response, via a secure connection, to the terminal where the shopper and business owner can see whether, or not, the payment has been approved. 

How to send us a Chip and PIN payment request to authorise 

Important: To send us a test Chip and PIN transaction, you need to use the test card details that we provide for you. For information, see Test cards

For a chip and PIN payment request, you need to provide some extra Integrated Circuit (ICC) details. An ICC card is a card that contains a microprocessor chip. You need to specify: 

  1. Initiate a Chip and PIN payment via a card terminal.  

  2. Enter the transaction amount. 

  3. Insert card into the payment terminal. 

  4. Enter the PIN. 

  5. Attempt to connect to the Cashflows host. 

  6. When your connection is successful, send the Authorisation request. 

  7. Wait for our response. 

  8. Receive the response, for example Approved. 

  9. Print the receipts. 

Example request 

To be completed. 

Example response 

Sending response to terminal: 33422122 with data: 023433333432323132323031343631333030303234343838341C1C4155544820434F44453A203234343838341C1C301C1C1C1C30301E313030321D37343530313837313132303031303031353433323637341C383743433945424303


Where 1C1C4155544820434F44453A2032343438383 converts to the authorisation code on a shopper’s receipt, for example: 

AUTH CODE: 24488

For more information about response codes, see Response codes.


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