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How we direct shoppers back to your website

You set the addresses (return URLs) for the pages where you would like us to redirect shoppers after payment processing is complete. These are the default return URLs that you provide in Cashflows Go. For information, see Where should we redirect shoppers after payment processing?

If you want to use a different URL, for example a different website depending on what the shopper is buying, you can override any of the default return URLs that you told us about in Cashflows Go. For information, see How to override a default return URL.

If you would like to display the same page and therefore use the same address (return URL) for all payment scenarios (success, failed and cancelled), you can use a RetrievePaymentJob API call to get the payment status and show the customer the order status.

To get the status payment of a payment:

1.     Extract the paymentJobReference and paymentReference from the notification webhook.

2.     Include them in a RetrievePaymentJob API call.

Example RetrievePaymentJob
Example response with the payment status and amount

"status": "Paid",

"amountToCollect": "10.00"

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